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Auto reel feeding screen printer
Auto reel feeding screen printer
Product ID: WE1-700F-RS
  1. Printing color: Single color
  2. Printing area: 150x450(mm)
  3. Screen stencil: 400x800(mm)
  4. Power: 220V Single phase 50/60HZ
  5. Machine size: 6000x870x1700(mm)
  6. Machine weight:1500KGS
  7. Printing tolerance: ±50mm
  8. Printing speed: 1200~1500CM/per minute
  1. Reel loading->feeding the strap onto the exits of servo roller=>start printing=>screen print 450mm=>Servo pulling for feeding=>the strap into oven for dry after printing (adjustable oven temperature)=>servo pulling for entering 2nd oven=>cooling and unloading=>one worker place a strap on the drying rack.
  2. Advantage:

        ①Printing speed: 1200~1500cm/per minute.

        ②Reduce the manpower. (three people=>one person)

        ③No extra dryer is necessary.

        ④Servo feeding cut the time of manual registration

        ⑤No lift-up printing for increase the printing capacity.

        ⑥POD & PLC is adopted. If there is any tolerance of belt size, the value can be increased or decreased by the POD.