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3 Color Automatic screen printing machine
3 Color Automatic screen printing machine
Product ID: WE3-1000TR
  1. Max. Printing Area: 800x280mm
  2. Max. Flame Size: 1200x300mm
  3. Min. Diameter : φ160mm
  4. Max. Diameter :φ330mm
  5. Min. Height: 150mm
  6. Max. Height :350mm
  7. Power:380V/50Hz
  8. Max.Speed: 2000pcs/hr
  9. Air supply:5-7 kg/cm2
  1. The machine is specialized  design for  print the round  barrel, with easy operation and stable.
  2. Feeding machine can load product to the screen printing machine automatically..fully automatic feeding, flame treatment, UV screen printing and UV curing.
  3. It is mechanical conveyer , touch control panel operation , easy to operation the machine. Fast adjustment, easy operation. Fast printing,speed: 2000pc/hr
  4. Fully automatic, the machine will alarm without product loading and no printing without product. it can save energy
  5. Applies to: all round  barrel Screen Printing