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Auto single color UV printer for bulb
Auto single color UV printer for bulb
Product ID: WE-8UV-1
  1. Printing speed: 2400~3000PCS/Hr
  2. Max printing diameter: Ø60mm
  3. Size of object: L60mm
  4. Power: 220V 3phase 60HZ 5KW 60A
  5. Machine size: 2800mm×1500mm×1700mm
  6. Machine weight: 1000kgs
  1. Manual loading on conveyor=>conveyor carry bulb=>auto rotate 90 degree and feeding into fixture=>Indexing transmission=>static eliminate=>auto printing=>UV curing=>auto rotate 90 degree to clamp the bulb onto the conveyor.
  2. The machine is packaged in a complete, dustproof and no UV light exposure to ensure human health and print quality.
  3. Using POD &PLC control system for easy operation and maintenance
  4. Electronic sensor, no object no printing. If the air pressure is too low, the alarm is sounded.
  5. Using Germany and Japan electric components, good quality for long term operation.